Host Events Full Terms & Conditions

Business Name: The Trustee for MJ Black Family Trust t/as Host Events
ABN: 14 105 142 116
Postal Address: PO Box 249, Penrith NSW 2751
Phone Number: 1300 789 871
Email: enquiry (at)

Terms of Supplier Directory Subscriptions

The Supplier (The Supplier or you) covenants with Host Events(Host Events, us or we):

1. Services
a.In order for Host Events to provide website subscription services to you, Host Events shall provide a temporary directory listing page.

a. The fees payable to Host Events pursuant to the amounts quoted and these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to increase our directory fees or other advertising fees and we will notify you with 30 days notice. All fees displayed are inclusive of GST.
b. You agree to place a directory listing on for no less than 12 month. You agree all subject monies are paid in full prior to your listing being published. If your account is overdue, Host Events reserves the right to remove your listing & any assets. If you become insolvent, commit an act of bankruptcy, have a receiver or administrator or liquidator or manager appointed over you or any of your assets or if you resolve to wind up your company, then Host Events may (in its absolute discretion):
i. take proceedings against you to recover any overdue amount;
ii. recover from you all costs in relation to any action taken against you by Host Events to recover overdue amounts, including without limitation, debt
iii.collection costs and legal costs on a full indemnity basis; and/or
iv. exercise any other rights available to Host Events at law.

3. Service Continuation
a. This service agreement shall from the date of expiration continue as a periodic service agreement for ongoing periods equal to the duration of the original term of this service agreement ( as set out on the invoice ), at a service fee which is appropriate at the time of such renewal as determined by Host Events in it’s absolutely discretion and notified by it to the client.

4. Termination by Host Events
a.Host Events may terminate your directory listing at any time during the term of engaged service on our website or other platofrms. b.Host Events is not obligated to provide a reason/s for the removal of your listing. c. Host Event will refund you a pro rata portion of the subscription fees to the unused portion of your subscription. d.Where your listing is removed due to visitor complaints or distasteful content, you agree you will not be entitled to a refund of any amounts paid for your listing.

5. Termination by the Supplier
a. If you cancel your directory listing at any time, and have paid your Directory Listing fees you will not be entitled to a refund of any amounts paid for the initial subscription period after 7 days of your initial subscription commencement date. You agree you must give minimum 14 days notice, prior to your reoccuring subscription date, to cancel your directory listing subscription fees

6. Assignment of Rights
a.The Supplier shall not assign, transfer or use as collateral, any rights, goods or obligations arising in connection with this agreement to any third party or hold them on trust for any such party.

7. Indemnity Clause
a.The client shall release, indemnify and keep indemnified Host Events, its employees or agents against all actions, claims or demands (including all costs of defending or settling any claims, demands or actions) which may arise from:
i. breach of these terms and conditions
ii. negligence, wilful or unlawful misconduct of a Supplier
iii. publications by Host Events or an agent of Host Events
iv. breach by the Supplier of any laws or legal obligations, including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and any local, state or federal laws.

8. Invoices
a. All invoices issued by Host Events to the client shall constitute a formal demand for payment. At Host Events absolute discretion, any monies owing to Host Events for more than seven days after the due date shall bear a late payment administration fee of 5% per week until payment.

9. Governing Law
a.The governing law of this service agreement will be the law of the country and state in which it is located.